June 24, 2009

We will take that as a compliment

Boris Johnson, the untidy haired Mayor of London, has a good laugh at Ayatollah Khamenei's expense. Johnson is flattered that Khamenei considers Britain still to be a superpower:

Doesn't it make you almost burst with pride? For decades, we have got used to the idea that we are a dowdy middle-ranking sort of country that long ago abandoned any pretensions to influence east of Suez. We thought we were wholly dependent on America for our nukes and our cryptography--and here's this top mullah who seems to think that the Tehran protests are being staffed by swarms of burka-wearing Bonds, and that the whole thing is being orchestrated by Dame Judi Dench from her lair on the South Bank.

Posted by Howard Baskerville at June 24, 2009 12:56 PM

England actually has the largest collection of Hezbollah residents, with British passports, no less.

The crazy mullahs are setting the stage. And, it's possible at some point this summer they're going to attack London, on par with 9/11. (If they can carry this off!)

It doesn't make sense. But little on what the Kaminei (sp?) is doing makes all that much sense. Yes. They're a DEATH CULT. So you can always figure in that they love the taste of the blood that's now flowing. And, they haven't run out of "ideas."

Who is going to stop them? How concerned is Sistani? What sort of plans are being cooked, now, in QOM. What if it's okay to let this thing carry on all summer? The Shah of Iran didn't fall right away, either. And, he fell because he wouldn't use force.

Can using force also be a bad game plan? There are lots of religious lunatics watching how this one plays out.

Posted by: Carol_Herman Author Profile Page at June 24, 2009 2:24 PM
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