December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas/Hannukah/Eid al-Adha/Festivus/Holidays. Hope that takes care of everybody.

I have returned to the world of the vertical and the living. But I shall not blog on Christmas or Christmas Eve. What are you doing on the Internet today anyway?

I'll be back the day after with lots of material.

Posted by Michael J. Totten at December 24, 2006 08:51 AM

Hannukah is over.

Posted by: A Jew at December 24, 2006 09:17 AM

thank u michael & merry christmas to u too & happy new year.

Posted by: said at December 24, 2006 09:53 AM

same 2 u michael,wish u the best

Posted by: said at December 24, 2006 09:55 AM

Me? I'm avoiding housecleaning. And doing a damn good job!

Posted by: dloye at December 24, 2006 10:21 AM

Being on the internet is a century old Festivus tradition.

Posted by: Kim Hartveld at December 24, 2006 11:01 AM

Playing World of Warcraft, what else?!

Posted by: michael at December 24, 2006 12:55 PM

"What are you doing on the Internet today anyway?"

Well, being an atheistic Jew, and anyway, the last day of Hanukah was yesterday. (Even if I were religious, I'm not aware of any injunction to stay off the internet -- it's not as if it's Shabbat, or Yom Kippur -- and it's not as if there are a lot of duties for even the Orthodox over the last 11 days, so far as I know; not a huge time investment, besides a couple of minutes to light candles and say blessings at sundown.)

Incidentally, while a lot of folks aren't paying attention to the news, Ethiopia has gone to all-out war against Somalia and the Islamic Courts government; since we're pretty tied up in this, it's worth noting.

Since you celebrate Christmas, Michael, I hope you have a merry one.

Posted by: Gary Farber at December 24, 2006 01:55 PM

"Playing World of Warcraft, what else?!"

I always see many people on no matter the time or occasion. Guess it's never a bad time to play.

By the way, thats why I'm on too. Heh.

Posted by: Rommel at December 24, 2006 02:20 PM

You left out Kwanza. Yet more evidence that George Bush doesn't care about black people.... Tsk. Tsk.

Posted by: Sozekirai at December 25, 2006 01:34 AM

And a Happy Mid-Winter Festival of any kind to you and everyone.

A bit of good will is never wasted.


Posted by: Don Cox at December 25, 2006 02:02 AM

Merry Christmas and good wishes to Mikaël, Abu Kais and every reader of this good blog.

Posted by: Catherine at December 25, 2006 02:48 AM

Here here! This Assimilationist Muslim wishes you and all of your readers the best Christmas ever. When the Muslim holidies come and go,I discover it the following day when my divorced parents each ask why I didn't call..

Posted by: Amerikan Turk at December 25, 2006 03:52 AM

This Pagan wishes you a belated Merry Samhain!

Posted by: Salamantis at December 25, 2006 05:39 AM

And, of course, a belated Merry Yule (Dec. 21st).

Posted by: Salamantis at December 25, 2006 05:42 AM

"Hannukah is over."

Hannukah is never over! God bless everyone.

Posted by: David Thomson at December 25, 2006 07:14 AM

Ditto Mike, hope you had a good one.

Posted by: Nouri Lumendifi at December 26, 2006 09:45 AM

What are you doing on the Internet today anyway?

mo' foods

mo' drink

mo' games

mo' p0rn

Posted by: Rubin of Excess at December 26, 2006 01:29 PM
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