March 18, 2006

In effect

Thanks to Tony for drawing our attention to the Erlanger article on Hamas and the end of the peace process. One could argue that Arafat knocked the peace process on the head in 2000. One could also observe that what Erlanger meant to write was that "[T]he "peace process" is in effect dead", not that "[T]he "peace process" is effectively dead."

Andrew Apostolou (birthday suit copy editor).

Posted by Andrew Apostolou at March 18, 2006 07:32 AM

What "Peace Process" ? Oslo was a text book case of ignoring the facts on the ground, enabling bad behavour (usually by Dannis Ross)and wishful thinking. "Road Map" was a rehash of "Oslo".

Now Hamas will no longer hide the truth, the Israelis will be forced to do the same and we will be able to see if there can be real peace or at least no violence between the two sides based on reality and not the wish of a few professional diplomats. When Hamas declares a cease fire, they stick to it. When Arafat declared a cease fire, he paid others to break it.

One cannot pretend "peace". It has to be real and reciprocal and take into account the fact that there are at least 5% of the total population that would resort to violence if their fundamentalist beliefs are not taken into account.

The biggest danger now is the possibility of two civil wars and it is going to take wise leadership on all sides to prevent that. One of the things lacking at the moment (worldwide I think) is a lack of wisdom at the top. Where are the great Statesmen when we need them most?

Posted by: Mike Sanders at March 18, 2006 10:11 AM

Discussion of peace seems outside reason where Hamas is concearned.

If Hamas are high pressure sales agents at the end of a pipeline that feeds a product of disruption and hate from various Emirs and religious clerics in Iran, Qatar and Syria, then removal of Hamas is job one.

The discussion of peace negotiations would then be logical. eh?

How any humanity can stoop to this base level and do so with enthusiasm, in public view, brings new meaning to the word hate.

Peace talks with Hamas, who have a cute kiddie site that instructs kids in the hobby of walking bombs for Muhammad, seems a bit of a long shot somehow. TG

Posted by: TonyGuitar at March 19, 2006 05:55 PM

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