November 23, 2004

Zeroing in on Zarqawi?

Posted by Jeremy Brown

If this is true and leads to a capture it would certainly help to set an optimistic tone for the January 30th elections:

Kirkuk - Security forces were on Tuesday focussing their hunt for Iraq's most wanted man, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, on an area in north-central Iraq after receiving a tip-off, an Iraqi national guard officer said.

"We received concrete information from very reliable sources that Zarqawi was transferred today (Tuesday) to Tuz Khormatu and is heading to Baquba," staff brigadier general Anwar Hamad Ameed, the national guard chief in the northern city of Kirkuk, told AFP.

He gave no further details.

I don't know whether he's a myth or a composite, but if so he is a myth and a composite responsible for some of the most horrific acts of murder it is possible to conceive of. (Hat Tip: Roger)

Posted by Jeremy Brown at November 23, 2004 04:44 PM

Every single time that there's been an announcement that the capture of an important terrorist is imminent, it's turned out to be just a bunch of public relations fluff, or the overactive imaginations on the part of security forces eager to please Washington.

I'll believe it when he's in custody, or on a slab. Until then, I'll assume that if a terrorist of this stature were about to be captured, you wouldn't hear word one about it. Why tip him off?

Posted by: double-plus-ungood at November 23, 2004 07:20 PM

I don't have much hope that this report is true,but I live in hope.
Say,since we are clearly engaged in a battle to the death with completely ignorant fanatics,would it be legitimate to start mounting heads on spikes as they used to do when an enemy city fell? If it is assumed that everything the US forces do is bordering on war crimes anyway,how much worse could it get it we went 'medieval on their ass'? Not that I am suggesting this but,in the interest of historical research,how would the time honoured head-on spike routine be received in the sophisticated ME?
To be candid,it anyone's head would serve as an example,Zarqawi would be high on my personal listing.I SURE don't want him to serve as grinning exhibit 'A' in any ridiculous trail should he ever be taken.This guy was born to illustrate the efficacy and 'legitimacy' of 'summary execution'.

Posted by: dougf at November 23, 2004 07:23 PM

double's right, for the first time. I'll believe it when I see it.

Posted by: David at November 23, 2004 08:06 PM

Sure, let's get medival on their asses. Then we can get medival on our own problem people, like gays, atheists and liberals. Imagine the moral clarity we would have if we returned to burning heretics at the stake. What a wonderful place America could be!

Posted by: Archie at November 23, 2004 08:07 PM

I know that many arab commanders like to brag , but he would say this with very precise locations? Think it's psyops.

Posted by: lucklucky at November 23, 2004 08:37 PM

I'm not terribly optimistic about it either, but it's a pleasant prospect to visualize.

I still can't believe they got Saddam alive; that had seemed completely outside the realm of possibility after all that DNA testing of rubble.

But you're right: it's a little too vague while simultaneously being a little too specific.

Posted by: Jeremy Brown at November 23, 2004 09:07 PM

David: double's right, for the first time.

Crap. Now I have to rethink the issue.

Posted by: double-plus-ungood at November 24, 2004 10:30 AM

Well, either our millitary is incompetent and has now called out a loud warning to our elusive Mr. Zarqwai, or this is yet another red herring.


How many times do we have to have Bad Intelligence before we decide that we should go back and reasses?

There are WMD's and they can be fired off in 45 minutes... whoops wait no, there are secret stockpiles, no whoops sorry... umm there were some but they got away to Syria.

Iraqw helped on 9/11, err no it was Iran, maybe it was Saudi Arabia... hrmmm...

Zarqwai has one leg and is Jordanian.

Here is a video of him cutting of some guys head off ... he has two legs and the accent is not Jordanian at all.

No, those explosives were all gone by the time we got to Al-Qaaqa. Err, I mean our guys destroyed them, Oh there's video? Well, we'll investigate.

There are only 5000 insurgenst and they are mostly foregin fighters... err no wait, maybe there are more... but we'll put them down quickly.. err well before the elections, err well we can have elections with violence, just look at East Timor.

shakes his head

I'm not blaming anyone for gaps in intelligence. Maybe it was fondled a bit, but one must expect that in politics.

However, once its clear that we have serious problems with our intelligence (and we currently seem to), the implementation of our theories and the facts on the ground, we need to reasses (and maybe we are already doing that).

Chasing after someone who we aren't even sure exists seems... not well thought out. If that is the case, I would wager that the Insurgents find it pretty damn funny.

Of course, maybe he's like Swamp Fox... who knows?


Posted by: Ratatosk at November 24, 2004 12:30 PM

I hate these magic bullet announcements.
Yes taking out someone like Zarqawi or
Bin Laden is important, but NO that will
not mean everything is then over and we
can pick up our marbles and go home.

This is going to be a long one. Maybe
as long as the Marxist/Capitalist Standoff
which took the major part of the 20th

"War is not about Right or Wrong, it is
about who will be left when it is over"

Posted by: Dan Kauffman at November 24, 2004 03:29 PM

Ratatosk: I think Goss is working on that intelligence problem...

Posted by: Al Superczynski at November 26, 2004 12:05 AM

Yes Al, Goss is working to fire the CIA guys who aren't political hacks.

We will see how it works out, we will see....

Posted by: J Thomas at November 26, 2004 07:52 AM

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