August 04, 2004

No Blog for You

Looks like the CIA wants to shut down George W. Bush's blog. Or maybe not. The Onion reports, you decide.

Hat tip: Layne.

Posted by Michael J. Totten at August 4, 2004 11:47 AM

I think that all of our Reps should have blogs... probably not comment sections. But actual blogs that they write daily. that would be cool, esp if they weren't put through the Political Spin Machine.

Of course, anything they said would be used by the other party for smear... ah but its a nice dream.

Funny how we fought for representation and got what we have now (not a jab at Bush, just a jab at all the politicans).

Posted by: Ratatosk at August 4, 2004 12:09 PM

Yeah, comment sections not such a good idea in that case. Do you honestly think that many people would be interested in reading what they have to say, though? Half the country refuses to vote once every four years, for Christ's sake!

I had a conversation the other day at my place of employment, Tosk. Four or five of us. All college students. We all know each other pretty well and have worked together for quite some time but never got around to discussing our majors until just then. Anyway, we all said what our majors were and then I asked what everyone wanted to do with their majors, in terms of a career. I said I hadn't quite made up my mind on alot of things, but that I probably wanted to work in human rights development somehow, maybe living in another country even. This really fascinated everyone there, so I started talking about what's happening in Sudan. That's when I lost them completely. I finally just asked, "so do you guys follow current events at all?" Not a single one said yes. I almost asked if anyone there had even heard of a country called Sudan, but didn't. I didn't have the strength to stomach any more disappointment in that moment.

Forgive me if I remain skeptical of the popularity of your plan, Tosk. The vast majority of people my age don't give a shit or care to give a shit about much of anything bigger than themselves. Period. I wish sometimes I could just not give a shit too, but I personally wouldn't know how. In the end, I wish more 20-somethings felt that way.

Posted by: Grant McEntire at August 5, 2004 02:15 AM


Too true. I remember reading in history books about a time when all politicans did stump speeches, when your senators and representatives held Town Hall meetings regularly... the advent of radio and tv, I think, replaced the real face time, with the illusion of face time. Now we have a one way relationship with our representitives.

I emailed (and mailed) a letter to my local congressman,a few weeks back regarding a particular issue that was to be voted on. I didn't even get a computer generated response.

Sometimes, I have to ask myself why the hell I even care about the politics of our country. I grew up and spent the first 20some years in a religion that forbade politcs, it was a very different mind set. I always though "you know, I 'could' affect our political system, if I was allowed." Now I'm without fetters, but still feel almost completely disconnected from our political leaders.

However, I remember that even though my representitive may be deaf and half the country disagrees with half my views, while the other half disagrees with the ohter half of my views, its still my right and freedom to at least express my views. This November I'll be voting in my first Presidential election, and though it may not matter what I vote. I will vote and be glad I did.


Posted by: Ratatosk at August 5, 2004 02:15 PM
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