January 20, 2004

Liberals in Iowa

Iíve been awfully hard on the Democrats lately, and the Iowa caucus (or the Iowa Carcass as Tim Blair calls it) has restored a bit of my formerly warm feelings for them.

Those who fear and loathe the left, but who also know they could be a little more understanding, would do themselves a favor by reading the new column by David Brooks in the New York Times.

It takes a great deal of integrity to write about the opposing political party the way David Brooks does it. My hat is off to him. This is great work.

Posted by Michael J. Totten at January 20, 2004 09:02 PM

Andrew Sullivan has an interesting comparison between Brook's column today and Krugman's.


Posted by: David Marks at January 20, 2004 10:06 PM

Mr. Totten,

I don't know if you've been to my blog before (it's been running since the fall of 2002); I've posted comments at many blogs since starting my own, including this one. In one of my recent entries (it is currently the 2nd one down my blog's main page; after I publish another entry tomorrow, it will be the 3rd entry down the page) - it is the entry about "Lieberman and the Pro-War Left," I write about the liberal support for the Iraq war (your work, especially this column, was very helpful for this). I link to some of your writings in that entry... I wanted to tell you and others know about that entry, and about my blog.

If you want to, please check that entry out, and let me know what you think about it.

Thanks, and keep up the good work with your writing and blogging.

Posted by: Aakash at January 20, 2004 10:37 PM

The idea of Brooks is the Dem desire to believe in a great vision. You know I share, too often (?), my own dream. A World Without Dictators.

But Brooks says Iraq is strangely absent from the Dems considerations. The problem with other Dem concerns is that any solutions require personal change, institutional change, vast amounts of tax money, or all three. And if it's Fed gov't led, it will most likely have poor to very poor performance.

The nice teacher, so well and personally discussed, almost certainly opposes vouchers (inst. change), stating opposition to No Child Left Behind -- but she presumably wants the same visionary goal (all kids getting educated) without schools changing ("they're doing the best they can"). "Can" within the unspecified constraints of the NEA controlled institution.

Dems desire to have some new program, for the same goal (kids' education), but without changing the institution; nor without coercing personal behavior change; so, more tax money for the NEA? Again. The same vision - policy they've succeeded in getting, in policy, since those early 60s, which has been resulting in over 50% of black kids graduating w/o real literacy. The Dems don't have another policy.

The drunken sailor spending Reps aren't really much better, but at least Bush II is certainly articulating a vision or two.

Posted by: Tom Grey at January 21, 2004 01:05 AM

I read Sullivan's critique of Brooks vs. Krugman.

Brooks is a journalist; Krugman is an academic. There is a difference. Apparently, Brooks can operate in the world of politics and have some "empathy" for the "Other Side". Krugman will remain what he is: an opinionated academic holding Court at the Faculty Club. That's why his columns will be of value only to people who agree with him. Krugman doesn't have the grace to concede that the other side might be well-motivated, but wrong.

For Krugman, the motivations of any Republican politician are wicked, at best. That is simply not how things are in the real world. Brooks understands that, Krugman does not, and that makes all the difference.

Posted by: section9 at January 21, 2004 04:29 AM

You MICHAEL J. TOTTEN are no Liberal... Why are you wasting your time and put on your Neo-Con colors. Stop hidding.

Posted by: No way at January 21, 2004 05:48 AM

Brooks is always nice. Yet, "I'm struck by how oblivious this campaign has been to the consequences of 9/11. I'm struck by how the grand idealism of the crowds is out of proportion to the smallish policies on offer." Read: "Democrats are irrational."

Posted by: Joe Peden at January 21, 2004 06:01 AM

And you, No Way, are no Puce!

But yes, Brooks is excellent.

Posted by: Independant George at January 21, 2004 06:19 AM

No Way, trying to not be a Republican is a good thing. Trying to make a meaningful definition of "Liberal", one that is not characterized by the controllist antihuman m.o. of the bunch of parasites who have come to exist and infest the Democratic Party, is a good thing. God help Totten. God Bless Totten.

Posted by: Joe Peden at January 21, 2004 06:21 AM


Interesting. All this time, I thought an academic is a person with integrity, an open mind, and a seeker of truth.

Posted by: JJ Walker at January 21, 2004 06:50 AM

Okay, Brooks, now we know you're obviously no conservative. Never were. Hey, Brooks, aren't you late for your Das Kapital discussion group? Next you'll be telling us that ANSWER makes good points. Nice try, Brooks, but I can hear your Gloria Steinem books-on-tape from here.

Posted by: Jim at January 21, 2004 08:31 AM

I think the issue of who did or didn't vote in favor of authorizing the war is dead. People are ready to move on. That hurts Howard Dean and helps someone like John Edwards who has been running on a mostly positive message.

If I were Karl Rove I'd be most worried about Edwards. Dean and Clark are both going to implode at some point (if Dean hasn't already) and Kerry is such a dyed-in-the-wool Massachussetts liberal that I don't see him taking any of Bush's red states. Edwards, besides being a Southerner, has the type of likeable appeal that would play well in those states. If the Dems want to have a chance of beating Bush I think Edwards is their guy.

Posted by: Randal Robinson at January 21, 2004 08:56 AM

I agree with Randal. Edwards is the biggest threat to Bush at this point. The question is, will the Dems realize this? (BTW, I think there is at least a 50/50 chance Edwards gets the VP spot if he doesn't make it to the top)

Posted by: FH at January 21, 2004 10:54 AM

I hate to bust in here like a MegaCon bull in a CentriLib china shop, but did anyone besides me notice that on the day after the birthday of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior, Democrats in Iowa failed to muster even a 1% bloc of votes for a Presidential candidate who isn't a Wealthy White Man?


Posted by: Tim at January 21, 2004 11:06 AM


So what? Al Sharpton isn't going to lose because he's black. Joe Lieberman isn't going to lose because he's Jewish. Carol Mosely-Braun didn't already lose because she's a she.

Posted by: Michael J. Totten at January 21, 2004 11:24 AM

The thing that struck me about Brooks's piece is that government remains the solution, at least by implication. The Democratic Party may wake up with a Dean hangover and calm down, but they're still the Democratic Party.

Posted by: Ken Hall at January 21, 2004 11:40 AM

Tim -- Only Kerry and Edwards, and to a lesser extent Clark and Lieberman are wealthy. Dean is not a wealthy white man by any stretch of the imagination. Neither is/was Gephardt.

Ken -- Ever driven on a highway or flown a plane? Talked to a farmer who is glad that the FDA inspects his beef? Talked to a community college graduate? Government is indeed a part of the solution for some problems, and for the prevention of countless others.

Posted by: Markus Rose at January 21, 2004 12:10 PM

Hey Markus,

Dean comes from a very wealthy family,and in comparision to most Americans Sharpton is quite affluent.

Posted by: EBG at January 21, 2004 01:05 PM

It's hard to see this piece as anything other than "they voted against my least favorite candidate, therefore they are pure and right." Brooks devoted more of his writing to taking down Dean than I have done to kvetching about Bush; he's just more passive agressive about it.

Honestly. This appears to be written in good faith, unlike most of Brooks' descriptions/stereotypes of Democrats. But he still slips in the crack about 9/11, and more importantly, he doesn't really know what he's talking about.

Insofar as there's a quintessential Iowa Democrat, my best guess is that she was most concerned with who could beat Bush--and she came to believe, correctly or not, that Dean and Gephardt were not the guys to do it. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but at least it comes from a Democrat who spends a lot of time talking to Democrats.

Glad you like Edwards, though.

Posted by: Katherine at January 21, 2004 01:10 PM

Michael Totten must have fallen asleep in his Identity Politics 101 classes.

Posted by: JJ Walker at January 21, 2004 01:13 PM


So are you saying the quintessential Iowan Democrat is not driven by policy or ideology, but rather by Bush hatred, the passive aggressive kind rather than the in your face activist kind?

Posted by: JJ Walker at January 21, 2004 01:22 PM

"Democrats in Iowa failed to muster even a 1% bloc of votes for a Presidential candidate who isn't a Wealthy White Man?"

Off the subject but interesting.

Any Lib care to explain why the party that commands 90% of the black vote and the overwhelming majority of minority voters can't produce a viable minority candidate? Dems dont even seem to embrace affimative action within their own ranks.

Posted by: mnm at January 21, 2004 01:29 PM

Any Lib care to explain why the party that commands 90% of the black vote and the overwhelming majority of minority voters can't produce a viable minority candidate?

Harold Ford (who is black) challenged Nancy Pelosi for the Minority Leader post. He lost, partly because he joined the race late, and also because he is only 33 years old.

He is otherwise more than viable. I would vote for him for president.

I couldn't care less about affirmative action. I don't like Harold Ford because he's black, I like him because I like him.

Posted by: Michael J. Totten at January 21, 2004 01:34 PM

Thanks Michael, I thought you were an independant now.

Anyway, any "liberals" care to answer? Any others on the list apart from the prolific legislator Harold Ford?

Posted by: mnm at January 21, 2004 01:50 PM

Well Dems, you heard Michael, why isnt Ford on the ballet?

Posted by: mnm at January 21, 2004 02:08 PM


Posted by: mnm at January 21, 2004 02:09 PM

Well, for starters, his age keeps him from being Constitutionally qualified.

Posted by: Kimmitt at January 21, 2004 02:19 PM

There goes that pesky constitution again. If only they'd lower the age for the president...

That's all you got Kimmitt? If you are going to respond, why not attempt to answer the real question instead of pointing out that I forgot a bit of 8th grade civics.

Posted by: mnm at January 21, 2004 02:27 PM

I think the Constitution should be amended to allow foreign born,naturalized citizens to serve as President. Jennifer Granholm would make a great President.

Posted by: Zhombre at January 21, 2004 03:03 PM

I meant that Brooks was more passive agressive about his dislike for Dean.

So now the very fact of wanting a President whom you consider bad for the country to lose his re-election campaign is prima facie evidence of irrational Bush hatred? You guys are weird.

Posted by: Katherine at January 21, 2004 03:42 PM

Katherine: So now the very fact of wanting a President whom you consider bad for the country to lose his re-election campaign is prima facie evidence of irrational Bush hatred? You guys are weird.

Well, I certainly don't think so. You can count me out of the weird camp.

Posted by: Michael J. Totten at January 21, 2004 03:59 PM

"You guys are weird"

What guys?

Posted by: mnm at January 21, 2004 04:06 PM

sorry, you're right, just one of you.

Posted by: Katherine at January 21, 2004 04:21 PM

Sure you're a conservative, Brooks. Hey, aren't you that stoner I saw busking outside the natural foods store? Are you guys still called Greens, Brooks, or did you change the name to Social Democrats?

Posted by: Jim at January 21, 2004 04:44 PM

Michael, Harold Ford is a smart guy who I'd like to see in the Senate sometime soon, but he's not ready to be President, not by a long, long stretch of the imagination.

By the way, if you've ever written an explanation of why you voted for Nader, I'd like to see that.

Posted by: Markus rose at January 21, 2004 05:02 PM

dude, michael, token liberal piping up here. i did like brooks' column, and i've liked many before this one, including the heralded conservative case for gay marriage. this wasn't the first time brooks has given democrats advice. this was the first time, however, that brooks has been able to offer it up without coming off as condescending and patronizing. THAT, i think, deserves even more appluase. and it distinguishes him from a great many wannabe conservative advisers.

Posted by: Marc at January 21, 2004 05:39 PM

Markus: By the way, if you've ever written an explanation of why you voted for Nader, I'd like to see that.

I haven't. But here's the short version:

I wanted the Democrats to turn away from the center and toward the left. I got my wish, and I'm sorry. A farther-left Democratic Party isn't at all what I expected. I should have known better, but I didn't.

I thought a farther-left Democratic Party would resemble Christopher Hitchens. If you know Hitchens well, savor that irony.

(He and I both voted for Nader, then both migrated toward the center at the same time and for the same reasons.)

Posted by: Michael J. Totten at January 21, 2004 06:16 PM

Markus: Harold Ford is a smart guy who I'd like to see in the Senate sometime soon, but he's not ready to be President, not by a long, long stretch of the imagination.

Oh sure, he is young. But give him time.

Posted by: Michael J. Totten at January 21, 2004 06:21 PM

So, Michael, you would vote for Harold Ford for President? Now you have taken to chasing skirts?

Posted by: Joe Peden at January 21, 2004 06:32 PM



Posted by: Michael J. Totten at January 21, 2004 06:37 PM

Jesse Jackson was a viable Dem candidate in '88. The ongoing issue is that Democrats, for all their flaws, do put up people who they think have a chance to win, and I believe that an African-American candidate would be less viable due to his skin color. This is not a colorblind country.

If you are going to respond, why not attempt to answer the real question instead of pointing out that I forgot a bit of 8th grade civics.

My point was that you'd forgotten a bit of eighth grade civics and that perhaps you might want to be a bit more civil as a result.

Posted by: Kimmitt at January 21, 2004 06:54 PM

I've heard Ford in interviews and like him too, but isn't it sad that when someone asks for a good black Democrat, the only one we can come up with isn't even eligble yet for the presidency?

Posted by: Hei Lun Chan at January 21, 2004 06:59 PM

Jesse Jackson a viable candidate for President in 1988? For the love of God why? How? What in the world qualified Jesse Jackson to be President?

Posted by: Doug at January 21, 2004 07:20 PM

While we're nitpicking, I don't think the Dude voted in the 00 election because at that time he wasn't a US citizen. I dunno if he is even now, although he's on the record as deciding post 9/11 to naturalize.

And I'll second the abovementioned yearning for an amendment to allow Granholm to run for President. I live in Ann Arbor; I think she's been doing a good job here in Michigan.

Posted by: Ben Keen at January 21, 2004 08:06 PM

Ben: While we're nitpicking, I don't think the Dude voted in the 00 election because at that time he wasn't a US citizen.

True. (The Dude being Hitchens). He endorsed Nader in The Nation, though.

Posted by: Michael J. Totten at January 21, 2004 09:03 PM

Two points:

1) Evan Bayh also has a lot of potential as a future Democratic presidential candidate. His candid assessment that Bush's SOTU speech steamrolled the Dem.'s response was quite refreshing.

2) I wanna see a Nader/Chomsky ticket running for prez, to demonstrate the true strength (or, as I suspect, lack of same) of a fired-up LLL in the voting booth. The only problem would be convincing either one of them to settle for VP, but maybe vanity could be appealed to by pointing to Cheney's power and influence in the WH (certainly not Al Gore's).

Posted by: Salamantis at January 21, 2004 11:34 PM

Salamantis: a Nader/Chomsky ticket

Chomsky and Nader are seriously at odds with each other. Nader is definitely not anti-American, or anything like it.

Posted by: Michael J. Totten at January 22, 2004 12:08 AM

Didn't mean to [somewhat] hijack your post here, Mister Totten. I think you should consider addressing the fact that Democrats, who push "outreach" and "diversity" for colleges, corporate boards, and professional football teams have never producd a viable minority candidate for President.

If I told you in 1980 that in 2004 Democrats would conduct their caucuses in Iowa and white men would garner 99% of the votes cast, you'd have scoffed.

Would you not have?

Posted by: Tim at January 22, 2004 06:31 AM

In my dream world, Congressman and civil rights hero John Lewis would have a chance of higher office, but he's too liberal. In general, African-American Congressmen are more liberal than the rest of the party.

Posted by: Katherine at January 22, 2004 07:35 AM

"In my dream world, Congressman and civil rights hero John Lewis would have a chance of higher office, but he's too liberal. In general, African-American Congressmen are more liberal than the rest of the party."

Didn't stop the Repubs from running Bobby Jindal for Governor of Louisiana. This is an issue the Dems need to take a hard look at - its causing a lot of the best and brightest African-Americans to go into other fields or, gasp, to become Republicans...

Big Harold Ford fan here, BTW. He "get's it" far more than Krugman ever will. Follow him.

Posted by: Ged of Earthsea at January 22, 2004 09:02 AM

Harold Ford and Rob Andrews are my two favorite Congressmen. That actually seem genuine, which, alas, is rare in the breed.

Posted by: Tim at January 22, 2004 01:27 PM

Sharpton got 1% more votes than he even deserved in Iowa, because he didn't campaign there in any meaningful way. If you don't ask for a vote, you don't deserve it. The only people asking for votes were white men.

As a very active Democrat, I am constantly watching attempts to recruit blacks and women to run for office. Honestly, we're desperate for new black leadership. Almost every time we come up with nothing because the people with real potential just don't want to run. Black don't win high office very often because they don't run very often. Those who have run are mostly from a generation of black leaders who came up during the civil rights movement. Understandably, most of them only make an effort to represent black people. Jesse Jackson is a smart guy with good political skills, but his agenda in 1988 was basically about being black and helping black people. Sorry, but 80% of us are white and we want to be represented, too. There's more to politics than race relations.

Guys like Harold Ford are only now starting to approach the big leagues. They grew up post civil-rights and are basically just leaders who happen to have black skin. Harold Ford represents everybody in his district, without an agenda skewed for people of one color. In 10 years there will be a lot more Harold Fords around and you will see more and more big-league black politicians.

The bottom line is that it is just ridiculous to complain that blacks aren't getting enough votes. They either don't run or the only one being offered knows a lot about bad things that happened 40 years ago but doesn't have a clue what the Federal Reserve is.

Posted by: Steamrabbit at January 29, 2004 02:12 PM

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