June 24, 2009

But is it news?

The Iranian interior ministry claims that its recount of some ballot boxes found "no discrepancies." The discrepancies could have been minor or or insignificant. That would have been a very slightly credible but unsatisfactory claim. Instead, they have stuck with the notion that this is a clean election.

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Shy and retiring

The Financial Times claims that Ahmadinejad is remaining in the shadows temporarily to calm things down. If true, this means has had finally had a good idea. He can make this a great idea: make it permanent.

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A partial record of the suffering in Iran

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran has a partial list of those killed and arrested in Iran. The roll call of names is long, the sadness worsened by the knowledge that there are many more unaccounted for.

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Targeting a journalist

The Iranian regime is now targeting Iason Athanasiadis (aka Jason Fowden) of The Washington Times. According to Hossein Mohseni Ejeii, Iran's intelligence minister:

bq. "Some people with British passports were involved in recent riots," he said. "One of the detainees collected information needed by the enemies under the guise of a reporter."

Such an unfair focus on one person, without regard to their rights or due process, is deeply worrying and authentically totalitarian.

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We will take that as a compliment

Boris Johnson, the untidy haired Mayor of London, has a good laugh at Ayatollah Khamenei's expense. Johnson is flattered that Khamenei considers Britain still to be a superpower:

bq. Doesn't it make you almost burst with pride? For decades, we have got used to the idea that we are a dowdy middle-ranking sort of country that long ago abandoned any pretensions to influence east of Suez. We thought we were wholly dependent on America for our nukes and our cryptography--and here's this top mullah who seems to think that the Tehran protests are being staffed by swarms of burka-wearing Bonds, and that the whole thing is being orchestrated by Dame Judi Dench from her lair on the South Bank.

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President Obama’s letter to Ayatollah Khamenei

Barbara Slavin at The Washington Times has a great story: that the Obama Administration sent a letter to Iran's theocratic dictator Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in May. The text is not yet available, but knowing Washington D.C. soon will be. (By the way, CNN has the same story but ungraciously does not source The Washington Times).

What was Iran's response to the letter? Silence, until the Iranian people stood up against the theocracy's tawdry practice of electoral theft. Then, with the sound of gun fire and breaking bones in the background, Ayatollah Khamenei derided the letter in his sermon on June 19, 2009.

The State Department also invited Iranian diplomats in countries where Iran and the U.S.A. have embassies to attend July 4 parties. The offer was a waste of time. The Iranians were never going to attend. Today, the State Department withdrew the invitations. More Bud for everybody else, but a pointless charade in the interim.

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June 23, 2009

What is the problem with this picture?

Thumbnail image for 23iran2-600.jpg

The gentleman has omitted the definite article: "Down with the British" not "Down with British."

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Confused in Tehran

Press TV, one of the Iranian regime's slimey organs, is confused. The headline on a report about President Obama's comments today is:

bq. US supports street rallies in Iran

The report states:

bq. US President Barack Obama has criticized the Iranian government's response to street rallies but rejected that US was instigating the protests.


Obama dismissed accusations that the US was instigating massive protests as 'patently false and absurd'.

So which is it?

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How much do taxpayers spend on them?

There is an organization out there that competes with the Iranian regime for the clueless gold medal. Not clueless in the treatment of its citizens/democracy sense, but in its understanding of the world beyond its shores. It is called the U.S. government. Billions of dollars on intelligence later and they still don't know.

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