December 18, 2008

US Arms Lebanese Military

by Charles Chuman


Bobby Worth of the New York Times has an excellent piece on US military aid to the Lebanese Armed Forces.

The primary concern most Americans have about supplying military aid to Lebanon is that the weapons will be used against the United States, Israel, and other American allies. In a country known for corruption and with a history of arms dealing, might these weapons be sold into the wrong hands? The article calms such fears claiming, "American-driven audits have shown that almost nothing given to the army has ended up in Hezbollah

Posted by Charles Chuman at December 18, 2008 9:23 AM
Lebanese blogs are abuzz about 10 MIG-29s Russia is giving away to Lebanon.
I do not believe in Russian official altruism. My fear is those jets may turn out to be the most expensive hardware Lebanon had ever obtained.
Posted by: leo at December 18, 2008 5:40 pm
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