January 23, 2006

Leaving for Iraq on Friday, February 10

It looks like I’m going to (Northern) Iraq on Friday, February 10. Supposedly my visa is ready and I can pick it up tomorrow morning. My travel logistics are arranged. All that’s left for me to do at this point is schedule more interviews and wait for the date.

Once again I want to thank everyone who hit the Pay Pal button on the right side bar. Safe travel to and in Iraq is expensive. If it weren’t for donations I don’t think I could do this.

I’ll sell some stories for money, too, of course. But you, my readers, are now one of my “employers,” so to speak. I owe you lots of original content and I’ll be sure to keep you updated if anything changes.

What I won’t do is write anything too specific about where I am and what I am doing on the blog while I’m there. Lord only knows what kind of nutcases monitor this Web site. I already know of a few as it is. The gritty ground-level details will have to wait until I get back to Beirut.

Posted by Michael J. Totten at January 23, 2006 9:12 AM
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